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Horizon is Eco-Friendly

We only have one planet, and we need to care for it.

We're Carbon Neutral.

Every file you upload, email you send and digital portfolio you create on Horizon services emits zero greenhouse gases.

Now that's eco-friendly.

Hosting 148093 files and counting, all while being carbon neutral.


All Horizon servers and infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable and carbon-free hydro-electricity.

Our hosting provider's energy partner was audited and certified by TÜV.

Energy Efficient

Horizon's server software and hardware is designed to be efficient in both energy and time consumption.

We recently rewrote the entirety of our backend in a more energy and time efficient language.

Few Third-Parties

We have minimal reliance on third-party companies and services, thus increasing our control over the environmental impacts of our services.

Internal tools, like codebase management, status pages, user-data storage and more is custom-built or self-hosted first-party.

Horizon's Promise

We will continue to exclusively use servers in datacenters powered by 100% renewable energy sources and improve our software to run more energy efficiently than its previous versions.

Climate Change Doesn't Wait.

Neither do we.

Ready To Join The Movement?

Switch to Horizon and host your files on an eco-friendly platform.