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A fast, reliable and highly customizable invite only file host.

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What is Horizon?

A concise explainer of all things Horizon.

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File Hosting and Sharing Platform

Horizon lets you easily upload and share images, documents and other files using publicly accessible links. Links can be customized using different domains, emojis, diacritics or even invisible characters!

Sharing on Discord? Horizon provides an embed builder to make your images and other files stand out in chat.

Secure Photo Storage

Need to backup important sensitive photos or documents?

Meet Horizon Vault: a client-side end-to-end encrypted space for files where only you can access them. Backed by industry standard cryptography algorithms, Horizon, nor law enforcement agencies, can decrypt Vault or pry into your private files.

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Full of Surprises

Horizon comes bundled with more services complimentary to your membership, including an email provider and digital portfolio platform.

All services are constantly evolving with frequent feature updates, interface refreshes and even AI experiments!


What makes Horizon unique?


Horizon's fast servers will ensure quick uploads and short loading times.


Horizon's invite system ensures that its servers are never overloaded and remain online 24/7.


Horizon has a plethora of settings to allow you to make it yours.


We collect minimal info, hash personal data and provide optional end-to-end encryption.


Horizon is always receiving feature updates and is constantly evolving thanks to user feedback.


Both Horizon's support staff and community can help you if you ever encounter an issue.


How does Horizon stack up?


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Image Collections

Ad and tracker-free

End-to-end or server-side encryption

Support for all file types

Discord Embed Builder

Custom App(s)


How much does it cost?

$5 USD*

15 GB of File Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth**

Link Shortener and Pastebin

Optional File Encryption

Access to Horizon Bio and Mail

* Lifetime price for a Horizon account. Additional premium features are available upon account creation for a $5 monthly subscription. No refunds. Billing support can be contacted at [email protected]

** Unlimited usage is subject to fair-use guidelines.

By clicking "Sign Up", you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of Stripe, Horizon's payment processor. Horizon never receives or stores your credit card info.

User Feedback

Still deciding? Take a look at what our users have to say.

Horizon and its subsidiaries are some of the best services that the internet has to offer.

- josiah, @josiah:foliage.network

Horizon is femboy fox approved.

- Kraii

Horizon is one of the best image services I have ever used. The amount of domains and features are pretty good and Horizon cares about your privacy. Why not give it a try? 😉

- Cortex